Nov. 4, 2020

015 Logan and Anna: Call Me Unstoppable

015 Logan and Anna: Call Me Unstoppable

Find and Connect The Dots

Imagine A World where you and your dreams matter.

“The trifecta™ of unstoppable, aligned is unstoppable. 

It's the foundation, the basis of everything we do at Call Me Unstoppable™ - The Trifecta™ of Unstoppable.  And when all three elements - Heartset, Mindset, and Skillset - are aligned, you are truly unstoppable!.”
~ Logan and Anna from Call Me Unstoppable

Who are these “unstoppable” sisters? 

Logan was in private practice for about 10 years, and before that a former corporate gal in human resources who left in 2010 to open Logan Coaching. Then in 2018 they opened Call Me Unstoppable.

Because Anna comes from an entrepreneurial background, she’s the peer support specialist. She’s gone through everything a coach can go through. She’s the creative side. The “find the dots” kind of person.

Because Logan has more of a corporate background, she is the “connect the dots” kind of person.

Yup. Unstoppable!

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